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Executive Board

Meet the Candidates

We are grateful to those LDOC Members who declared their candidacy for election to the next Board

We look forward to seeing all members at our Virtual General Election Meeting!

Sunday, February 26 | 3:00-4:30 pm

Register in advance to attend our Zoom virtual meeting

About the Board and Board Elections

Who is eligible to participate in Board elections?

At the February 2023 General Meeting, the Lavender Democrats OC will elect a new volunteer Board to build on the current board's accomplishments and lead our club into the future.

Board members and standing committee chairs are elected to serve two year terms and play a vital role in driving the success of the club. 

Key Dates

  • 2/1: First General Meeting of 2023 (last chance to qualify as MIGS prior to Board Election!)

  • 2/19: Deadline to declare candidacy

  • 2/26: Election General Meeting

Only Members in Good Standing* may vote in Board elections or run for a position on the Board.

Candidates for Board:

  • Should be out and open members of the LGBTQ community or committed Allies

  • Must complete the Candidate Submission form, which includes identifying information and a candidate statement of up to 200 words

  • Agree to meet with the outgoing Board during the transition period.

*Members in Good Standing:

  • Must have attended at least two meetings within the last 12 months

  • Must be current with club dues

  • Have not had their membership revoked.

Learn more about our board roles

Executive Board


  • There shall be 2 Co-Chairs. At least one Co-Chair shall be a woman.

  • Alternately preside over all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board

  • Spokespersons shall be decided by Eboard

  • Stimulate active interest in the political process.

  • Provide a constructive role for the active volunteers.

  • Promote harmony within the Club membership, between other clubs and within the

  • Democratic Party of Orange County.

  • Oversee the development and application of a code of conduct

Vice Chair

  • Serve at the direction of the Co-Chairs,

  • Preside at meetings if both Co-Chairs are unable to do so, or is requested by the presiding Chair to do so.

  • Take over the duties of a Co-Chair in the absence of that officer.


  • Keep the minutes of the general meetings and the executive committee meetings.

  • Conduct correspondence and maintain the Club’s communication records.

  • Chair meetings in the absence of the Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair.

  • Keep records of meeting attendance and report on members in good standing.


  • Prepare a budget.

  • Collect all funds and dues from the membership.

  • Receive and deposit all funds into the checking account.

  • Pay and reimburse for expenditures following the Club’s adopted procedures

  • Pay annual charter fee for Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC).

  • Make the record of Club receipts and expenditures available to any member or the
    Audit Committee when requested.

  • Provide a report of the Club financial status at club meetings.

  • Provide an annual written report of Club financial status by end of the fiscal year.

  • See that the Club meets federal, state, and local political campaign reporting

  • The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records of the Club, be responsible for bank
    accounts, ensure FPPC/FEC financial reports are submitted on time.

Standing Committees


Manage social media, website and email communications.

Political Action

Oversee candidate support and voter outreach.


Raise funds to support club initiatives.


Plan and facilitate general meetings.


Maintain active membership list; conduct member outreach and recruitment.

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